Get Involved: Developers 👨‍💻

This section is designed to give you an understanding of how our app works, allowing you to contribute to our official version.

About the Documentation 📚

  • This section is a guide detailing the technologies and guides that you will need to refer to in order to contribute to the ApolloTV project.

Part 1: The Server

Claws is our codename for the official server software. (See Codenames for more information). It is fairly straightforward to get Claws up and running - especially if you're only planning on using it personally (though we're fine with you even using our software commercially - see Licenses and Distributing.)

For a full guide to Claws, you should check the Claws wiki:

Part 2: The Client(s)

You will most likely want to visit the Kamino repository first as it is the application for our most frequently used platforms (iOS and Android).